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SD Extension Methods:

We are now retailing human hair extensions, mink strip lashes and hair oils.  

1. Braidless or Hand-tied Extension Method

We do not recommend this service for clients experiencing severe hair loss or alopecia.  The "Braidless or Hand-tied" extension method is Stephania Duncan (SD) newly added method. The method has been perfected in virtual class. Our video content is available on Youtube, Tik tok and Instagram. We provide Human Hair Extensions for this service. The application begins with our signature shampoo blowout or silk press blowout. Blended cut and style included. Please book any additional services like color, olaplex treatment or split end repair.  Machine wefts are sewn to silicone beads (microlinks) in unique horseshoe shaped rows. The silicone beads (microlinks) become invisible and create a seamless extension service. The application time is a minimum of four hours. Hand-tied or braidless extensions can be worn a minimum of six weeks with salon maintenance.

2. Clip In Extension Method

We provide Bellami Clip In hair extensions.  Orders are placed during the consultation (2day shipping). The "clip in" service and rate is available on our service list.  We recommend a shampoo and olaplex treatment with each service.  Barrette or small comb style clips are applied close to your scalp.  The clip in hair method is not a permanent extension method.  Usually worn for special occasions and events.Less

3. Custom Wig Units

SD Custom Wigs are designed and stitched by hand.  Using the blanket stitch method.  Our custom wig units can be designed with Bellami 100% human hair extensions.  In a range of color, length and volume.  A consultation is required for this service.  The clients desired length, volume and style is equated into the price.  The client will secure this service with a deposit and allow (7) business days to complete.  We recommend a shampoo and olaplex treatment with each service.Less

4. Sew In Extension Method

The traditional sew in extension method is a minimum of three hours.  Machine wefts are sewn to a braided foundation.  Client's experiencing hair loss a net or stocking cap can be added for additional security.  Sew In Extensions can be worn for a minimum of six weeks.  We recommend booking an (extension maintenance service) within two weeks.  We provide the Bellami hair extension wefts (2day shipping). 

5. Tape In Extension Method:

The "tape in" extensions are small wefts attached with adhesive. Tape in method application is a minimum of 2 hours.  Tape In extensions can be worn for a minimum of four weeks.  We provide Bellami Tape In extensions in a range of color, length and volume.  Book a Consultation to discuss rates and order your extensions (2day shipping.)  

5-Frequently Asked Questions:

1. The ponytail test? 

Bellami hair extensions are 100% premium human hair.  Woven with a invisi-weft technology to lay flat to your scalp becoming virtually undetectable.  No shedding or tangles for longevity.  Extensions can be worn in a high bun or ponytail with the proper extension methods.Less

2. Will extensions damage my natural hair?  

We do not recommend all extension methods for clients experiencing hair loss or alopecia. An improper extension method and application will create damage and long term hair loss.  A consultation and olaplex treatment is highly recommended.Less

3. Can I swim and shampoo while wearing hair extensions?  

Yes, with the proper extension method and maintenance. We will recommend after salon care tips and professional product recommendations.Less

4. How long does hair extensions last?

Bellami hair extensions can last a minimum of six months with proper care.  Including hair products and thermal styling.Less

5. How much is the hair extension service?

The "SD Hair Extension Methods" are listed with rates and service times.  A consultation is required for Custom Wig Units.Less

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