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Based on your length, existing color, texture and density (how much hair you have) combined with the products, techniques and services provided to reach your desired end result, we can provide you an estimate up front following a consultation only.


We DO RESERVE THE RIGHT to deny any color or service requests that we feel may create damage to your hair:

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND adding OLAPLEX ($50) to all hair coloring services to maintain the integrity of your hair. OLAPLEX is like insurance for your hair: it dramatically reduces breakage, repairs disulfide bonds and helps make your color last longer.
Balayage- is a French style of free hand “painting” technique where your stylist will apply color or bleach to larger sections of hair without (sometimes with) using foils. Balayage gives the look of naturally “sun lightened” hair. Your natural color will remain at the roots, so your hair will have darker roots and lighter ends. Balayage can grow out naturally and still look good, if your not ready to commit to Highlighting retouches every 6 - 12 weeks. 
Babylights are extremely popular due to social media and celebrities who love them! Babylights refers to a subtle coloring technique where hair is sectioned into very fine strands in such a way that the highlites perfectly blend all over with your natural hair color. The results is an all over lighter look with a very natural root line, like that of a baby’s hair after a day out in the sun! Babylights take a much greater amount of time to apply,  Especially recommended for fine hair clients. Babylights can grow out naturally if you choose to do so, as the strands are finely colored. Toner or glazing may be required following Babylights to achieve your desired result
Lowlights are a great way to add dimensional color to your hair by coloring certain areas darker than your natural hair color or to previously lifted color. Lowlights add depth and look good on all types of hair. Many times, lowlights are added to the lower layers of your hair so that blending of your lightened hair and natural color can be achieved. Lowlights will add dimension and accentuate movement in your hair. Many stylists will combine highlights and lowlights to create dimensional color and interest.
Transformational If you wish to totally transform your look, from light to dark, from dark to light, from brown to blue or blonde to Red, Multi dimensional colors, and almost any creative color = Transformational color.
The very nature of Transformational color may and often does require: bleaching or lifting, filling or stabilizing, highlightes, lowlites, glazing, specialty techniques, and any combination of these!
Transformational color may also be referred to as Corrective Color in some cases, Transformational Color can and does take considerably more time, product, technique, care and even multiple visits to safely achieve desired results
Will Color Damage my hair? Hair Color is a chemical. In order to deposit color into your hair shaft, peroxide is used to deposit color. Hair may feel drier following lightening services and can become brittle and dry if not properly treated before, during and after your color service. Removing color from hair with bleach has the greatest potential for damage to your hair if not done professionally.The products and styling tools you use on your hair daily will make a difference in the health of your hair. Heat tools (hairdryers, curling irons & flat irons) used too frequently can degrade the health of your hair. We suggest minimal use of high heat tools, and only with with use of heat styling aides to protect from heat damage.  
How long will it take to achieve my desired color?- Application time for color ranges from 20-30 min (single root color or glaze) to 90 min (hilighting or foils). Processing time for color ranges from 5 minutes for a blonde toning to 1 hour for highly resistant hair. The range is wide and is determined by the specific technique, product, resistance and condition of your hair.
Basic Root Color retouch* : Application time: 30-45 min I Processing time: 45 min
Highlighting*: Application time: 45 - 90 min I Processing time: 45-60min
Babylights*: Application time: 1-2 hours Processing time 45 min
*All times are average and approximate. Timing should be discussed with your Stylist if it is a concern. DO NOT try to “squeeze in” amazing color :)
Great hair takes time and we want you to have GREAT HAIR! Rushing the color process usually doesn’t end well,
WHAT IF I HAVE LONG/THICK HAIR? Long, Thick, Resistant & Grey hair may require additional product and time, therefore additional fees may be applied. Any such fees will be presented in advance of application. 
How long will my color last? Permanent Color stays in your hair until it grows out or is removed by de-colorizing it with lightener. Permanent colors can fade and may require freshening up after about 28 shampoos. Permanent color is primarily used on roots due to its permanency. (Darker colors typically last longer, Reds often fade faster due to their molecular structure)
Semi Permanent Color lasts about 8-15 Shampoos. Semi permanent colors are typically used for ends (non roots), for toning highlighted or de-colorized hair to achieve a specific tone, to “blur” grey or for any guest wanting to try a new color without a permanent commitment to it! Semi Permanent colors should be refreshed every 4-6 weeks for continued tonal quality, shine and health of hair. Semi permanent color coats the hair strands adding support and shine to the hair.

Your hairs pre-color condition will contribute to the longevity of your color. Sun exposure will lighten or fade color, washing hair in hot water can also contribute to fading: warm water is recommended for regular shampooing. Heat styling can lighten color, so heat protection styling aides are essential. Improper and low quality hair products can strip color quickly, therefore we recommend only the finest quality products be used on your hair color investment, like OLAPLEX.

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